The best health, fitness, and anti-aging supplements are ancient and natural


In this video, Doctor Thomas F. Minahan talks about the his personal experiences with his daughter and the latest Cannabis Research for Epilepsy.

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Of the hundreds or thousands of supplements available, I have narrowed down my regimen to five supplements that I always use, and another five that I stagger every-other-day.

One of the least-known supplements that I believe everybody ought to know about isEcklonia Cava. You can search my name and Ecklonia Cava Extract (ECe) for several articles about the topic.

I am a huge believer in the preceding and take it every day. If you think you want to try it, but find yourself dizzied by all the brands and products and product contents on websites and spread all over the Internet, I suggest you read the articles on the bottom of the Ford-Speranza Neutraceuticals company home page.

The next big super-breakthrough-supplement

In my estimation is likely to become — No, should become — CBD Cannabis Oil, also-known-as CBD Hemp Oil and other names.

CBD oil may PROVE to become the next must have preventive, but even more importantly I think it may become a treatment for so many conditions you won’t believe me if it tell you abut them, and so read them from somebody else in the preceding link.

The source of CBD Oil can be medical marijuana or cannabis, but the best content of CBD Oil comes from HEMP plants.

The primary difference at this point is the oil from hemp won’t get you stoned or high or loaded or whatever is your choice of terms, mainly because the THC is bred out of the hemp plant and the CBD content is bred upward because the main medical component is the CBD Oil.

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