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can-i-use-a-blender-for-juicingI always get asked this question and the answer will always be no, you cannot use a blender for juicing. If you used a blender it would make it into smoothie and not a juice. There are quite a few differences between a juice and smoothie, or a juicer and a blender and I’ll go into detail on the two and why you must use a juicer for juicing, and a blender for blending.
Can I use a blender for juicing? I’ll say it again, no! The reason you cannot use a blender for juicing is that a blender does not separate the fiber and pulp from a juice like a juicer does. A blender simply chops up and blends whatever you decide to put into it. A juicer on the other hand will separate all the fiber and pulp and give you only the juice of the fruits and veggies you put into it. When you are on a juice fast you have to eliminate all of the insoluble fibers from your diet to give your digestive system a much needed rest and cleanse from all of those dirty toxins that you’ve been feeding it. So, if you’re still wondering, can I use a blender for juicing, read on!

Juicers are used for juicing

When you go on a juice fast, you are eliminating fibrous foods from your diet. You are also not using your digestive system. When you make a juice the vitamins and minerals are already broken down and absorbed into your system within minutes of consuming. This is critical to how a juice fast works. If you use a blender, you will still get all of the fiber and your digestive system will kick back into gear thus stopping your juice fast. Are you still wondering can I use a blender for juicing? …  < Read more >

Source: Just on Juice